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Our vision is to provide life sciences organizations and companies with scientifically reliable and credible evidence on clinical outcomes and economics of services and technologies. We use state-of-the-art analytical techniques and seek to present our findings in a manner that is readily understood by a diverse audience, such as physicians, patients, managers, and third-party payers and decision-makers.

We provide:

  • strategic advice on design of clinical and commercial development programs, and on design of clinical studies
  • statistical and econometric analyses concerning clinical effectiveness, treatment patterns, costs of care, and quality of life
  • decision analyses that forecast the long-term real and potential implication of novel healthcare products and services, such as cost-effectiveness analyses and financial or budget impact analyses
  • systematic and evidenced-based reviews of published literature pertaining to epidemiology, burden of illness, treatment patterns, costs, and clinical effectiveness of treatments
  • communication services for presenting analytical findings, including presentations at international congresses, manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals, and web-based and CD-ROM based interactive programs

We have close collaborations with numerous international renowned experts at local, regional and national institutions (e.g,. Stanford, UC Berkeley, California State University – East Bay, Sutter Health, Veterans’ Affairs). These collaborations not only expand the scope of state-of-the-art expertise on projects, but increases capacity to readily staff projects.

Staff members include MS and PhD level analysts in statistics, epidemiology, and economics, with almost all trained at Stanford University and UC Berkeley. Cedar also has strategic partnerships with other groups who have specialized data; these synergies help support and maximize our research capabilities. Detailed descriptions of resources, including biosketches of key personnel, are included in a response to a proposal.

Cedar has much experience responding to a variety of proposals: small companies (e.g., start ups), large pharmaceuticals, diagnostic and device companies, and submissions of RO1 (investigator-initiated) proposals to the NIH and other federal agencies. Some projects might only require the development of a data analysis plan, with the client’s own staff executing the programming. In other projects, Cedar’s own data resources are utilized and the analysis planning and programming are conducted entirely in-house. Our structure and processes offer unprecedented and substantial flexibility in putting together a top-notch project team focused on meeting the client’s needs. Furthermore, all of our key personnel have long-standing professional connections with counterparts in key decision-making and policy positions at the FDA, NIH, CMS, and various MCOs. They can attest to the credibility of our work.

Cedar Associates LLC is not is one of the many large “data shops” where the work is relegated to less experienced staff at premium prices. We work on projects with clients who are intent on making a difference and whose interests and goals align with ours. We do not actively advertise, as much of our business has been successfully garnered from personal referrals (word of mouth) by existing clients.

If our capabilities may be of use to your company, please feel free to contact us to see if we can meet your needs.